Intel 12th gen Leak?

Hello together!

Mayby its a bit unfair to leak stuff here and it may just be a small hint and we still don’t know what the Developers are doin, but I found a Geekbench Score of a 12th Gen Device that´s called “Framework”. I can’t confirm that confirm that some guy renamed his hp Laptop but check the Screenshots :smiley:

What do you think?
The Geekbench-Site (sorry for the German):


Looks relatively legit, especially the mainboard code:


The fact that its the i5-1240P is fascinating, 12 cores?!? I didn’t expect the framework’s thin-and-light style to be able to support that many. Though having just went and checked, its the same 28 watt TDP as the i5-1135-G7 that’s currently in my system.

I would rather have something like the i5-1245U, as for my purposes I would trade power for efficiency. That being said, however, I hope Framework offers multiple different SKUs as options for mainboards, as it’ll really open up the build capabilities.

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I also just took the link and went and checked the geekbench registry again, those entries have been wiped, so either there was something fishy and there aren’t any framework laptops with 12th gen yet, or it’s something fishy and there are laptops with 12th gen, and they didn’t realize that the geekbench results were public yet or something.

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I would hold off any 12th Gen purchase from Framework until they can hire a firmware engineer…seeing how 11th Gen mainboard has been.

@Luke_Oliver those 12 cores are actually 16 threads instead of 24 like you might expect. 8 of the cores are “efficiency” cores which arent really the same powerhouses we’re used to, but that being said they still are respectable, 16 threads is still much more than weve had on this tier of processor in the past. 12th gen is definitely a massive boost over 11

Hihi, i was write. They kinda did leak their new CPU´s XD