Frame fans; bad for beds/couches/etc - solutions?

I often set my laptops on my bed or a couch; after switching to the Frame, I notice that its fans are directly on the bottom of the machine, using the feet as a way to elevate the laptop from the desk or table that its sitting on. This, obviously, doesn’t work well if you’re setting the Frame on a soft surface.

Currectly, lol, I’m setting my old Thinkpad underneath the dang thing so that its sitting on a solid flat surface, even when its on my bed… this ‘solution’ isn’t going to work long term. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not gonna lug around a 2nd laptop as a desk for the Frame to sit on.

So… have ya’ll run into this issue? It surely can’t be OK to just block the vents with a bed or soft surface - so have you found any solution to this, or ran into this issue?

I want some simple solution - I guess the easiest is DON’T USE IT ON A BED - but alas, such is like… what are you doing?

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I don’t personally use one, but have you considered a laptop tray/table?

Some of them have fans built into them.


Get 2 tall snack drawer modules. The thiccest of feet.

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I use a travel pillow like so lol


I just want you to know I love everything about this drawing. The tiny framework logo is just chef’s kiss.


I’m typing on my Framework laptop on this right now. It’s working great!


Great replies - also, @feesh 's drawing was the cats meow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I can find the solution that works best for me - the Amazon suggestion from @Adam_Melancon is gonna send me down a rabbit hole of finding the best minimalist solution I can spy.

Thanks, et all.

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I use the Moft Z as a flat surface to keep my lap cooler and as a bonus it can angle it several different ways.

Can we get that in a sticker? Just us chillin’ with our Framework?


Just a reminder for anyone ordering a random one on Amazon - not all laptop pads with fans blow air in the same direction. Make sure to get one that goes the correct direction or that you can adjust.