Frame.Work 13 - (removable) battery

Hi all,
currently looking into getting a Frame.Work 13 and was wondering if the laptop would be able to work once the battery is removed and laptop is plugged in.
Reason: want to go easy on the battery when known that I will be working stationary for a day or more.
Has anyone ever tried this and can let me know whether or not this would work?

Yes, you can. There are a couple of bios/uefi option to regulate the laptop behavior in this case IIRC.

But you don’t need to. You can set/change a custom battery charge upper limit. If you do, then battery will stop charging when the entered value is reached.

[Edit: if you know how to tinker with the required stuff you may want to take a look at [RESPONDED] Gnome Shell extension to change your Framework Laptop system settings]

I don’t have one myself (yet), but I understand the battery connector is difficult to remove, so wouldn’t recommend doing that. The recommended way is to limit the battery charge to 80% using the BIOS setting mentioned.

Yes you can operate the laptop without the battery. This capability is also essential to the reuse of an old Framework 13 motherboard in a 3D printed case (or the Cooler Master case from the marketplace).

Here’s a link to the BIOS guide thread. It was originally written for the 11gen Intel board, but also applicable to newer board iterations.

As others have said, it is recommended to set a charge limit in the bios/uefi settings instead and should be highly effective in minimizing battery wear.

The connector/cable for the battery has many small pins and with any uneven resistance it is easy to twist the connector and bend some pins on either a disconnect or reconnect. It seems to be not designed for a high count of reconnections.

The battery replacement guide may give you more of an idea of what is involved:

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