Framework 11 DIY Batch 2 USBC ports fail with power plug

My DIY Intel 11 Framework laptop has a couple of annoying problems. The coin battery issue everyone knows about.

The second issue is the USB C modules. After having the power unit turn off a couple of times, I moved the USB C modules around. I ended up having two on the left side of the laptop. Every now and then, the power unit fails when the USB port stops working. The solution has been to move the plug to the second port and then it will work once again. Yesterday it was plugged into the lower USB C port and it failed. Moved it to the upper USB port and it now works again. I have had to reverse this order more than a few time and not a clue why it fails or why it will work again simply by moving the power cord to the adjacent USB C port.


What charger are you using? Is there anything else plugged into the laptop? Do you have the BIOS battery charge limit set?

I use Framework’s charger. On the right side I use a usb-c port for a VAVA USB C Hub into which I have plugged in a mini-sd card, an external 500Meg SSD and an RJ45 cable. I do have the BIOS set for 82% on the battery.

See if you can reproduce the issue with the limit set to 100%.


Why would that make a difference? BIOS setting was changed to, on my laptop, 82 in response to concerns raised here.

Maybe, because a lot of seemingly unrelated observations and problems seem affected by this setting. E.g., disconnecting thunderbolt devices:

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Same problem here. Using different charging devices: Anker, Steamdeck, …