[Help] The Framework Laptop (11th Gen) is not compatible with the Satechi 4 port USB-C charging station. (crossposted from Reddit)

See the video of the error in the Reddit post. Comment/information below copied from Reddit.

Recently, I picked up a Satechi 4 port USB-C charging station, and it’s a great little charger that works with all of my devices, except my Framework laptop. I initially suspected this to be an issue with the charger, so I contacted Satechi support and they swapped my unit with a replacement. Unfortunately, the problem remained.

In this video, I test a Dell laptop, a MacBook, and two Framework laptops. Both the Dell and Macbook test okay, but the Frameworks do not. I suspected this could be an issue with how The Framework laptop has trouble charging at 15V, but this charger should be pushing it to 20V so that point should not be relevant. Regardless, I had one of the laptops on BIOS 3.10 and the other on BIOS 3.07, and both displayed the same fault.

Does anyone have any recommendations for what could be causing this problem, as well as how I could go about fixing it?

I had some wierd USB Power problems on some ports of my 11th gen framework. Have you tried all ports?
I cant remember which ones acted up, but checking all shouldnt take long

Yes, the problem occurs on all the ports of both the laptop and charger as well as across multiple outlets.

Have you tried it without a USB-C Expansion card directly into the framework?
In theory the expansion card is just a USB-C extension, but I cant think of a different reason, why it wouldnt work

Tried a different cable?

Thank you for the suggestion, I hadn’t tried that but unfortunately the problem remained when I did.

Yes, I tried multiple 3A and 5A rated cables across multiple ports and outlets to the same results. Thank you for the suggestions!