Framework 12th gen undervolting?

I was wondering, if the new generation does support undervolting since it was disabled on 11th gen. Has anybody tried it yet, if so, what are the results?

nope still disabled due to plundervolt afaik.

Thats really annoying. Especially on a laptop, which has a limited amount of energy and cooling potential, undervolting could help a lot


Yeah this is super unfortunate. It really needs undervolting.

Hope they will enable it soon. This thing is way too hot

It will never be enabled on 12th gen CPUs. We can hope for future generationsā€¦ But I doubt it. Very unfortunateā€¦

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It could be enabled with a bios update. Iā€™ve done it on another laptop with a 12th gen by editing and flashing the bios with a programmer.

Not possible with this laptop so far but will keep tinkering

What did you edit in the bios? From my experience changing core voltage offsets at a bios level has no effect. It seems even though you can change the values and unlock everything necessary to do so (CFG lock, overclocking lock, etc, MSR), it has no real world effect and shows no difference in voltage read from stock.

So what is the best way to undervolt Framework laptop with Intel 12th or 13th Gen CPU?

As long as nothing has changed, there is still no way to undervolt any Intel mobile CPU past 11th gen. They just disabled it in hardware.

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