Framework 13 Input Cover Kit Availability

Hello all. I really am loving my new FW13, but I’m a bit OCD. I was replacing the WiFi module and appear to have bowed my input cover slightly on the right side due to not having the wireless antenna wires completely out of the way initially when reseating it. It really isn’t an issue now, but I went searching for Input Cover Kits out of curiosity and noticed all of the links are dead. I see there is a Chromebook one coming soon, but what about the standard models? Is this a temporary supply issue? Have they been discontinued? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.:wave:

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It must be temporary. Framework has a goal of maintaining repairability, they wouldn’t just discontinue it.

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This does seem odd. From what I can tell the Chromebook input cover is the same as the standard one, but I don’t exactly know why they would have gotten rid of this part without just listing it as “sold out”. You may want to send a message to Support asking about it. They are a bit busy right now, so it could take a little bit for you to get a response, but it would be interesting to know if this was a mistake while making changes to the Marketplace, or if there is a change being made in the background that we aren’t aware of.

The Chromebook version doesn’t have a fingerprint reader. And the touchpad may have different firmware on it.

It’s possible that Framework has removed the stock of the input connectors due to this problem:

I suspect that they are checking all the input covers in storage for this problem and will only start selling them again once they deem it safe.


correct, but I believe the metal input cover is the same for the purpose of replacing the bent part from the OP.

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