Input cover cutouts all the same?

Can anyone confirm if all the input covers have the same cutouts? e.g. if I buy a keyboard only (Framework | Framework Clear Keyboard) will that fit all input covers?

Curious as to why you don’t ask official support? A whole topic on a public forum to ask such seems a bit spurious

I imagine so, only the power button/fp reader is different between Chromebook and DIY/Regular FW laptops. I doubt any person has purchased every single keyboard to personally confirm this.

True :smile:, but I couldn’t find any posts where people were complaining that they were incompatible. Also need to decide if the cost difference between an input cover and keyboard is worth the hassle of switching them over myself.

The Chromebook Keyboard/input cover also has combined spaces in the bottom left corner for the larger ctrl and alt keys.

This means that for all the keyboards except for the Chromebook Keyboard(s), the input cover is the same, but a Chromebook Keyboard is incompatible with a non-Chromebook input cover, and if you use a non-Chromebook Keyboard (like the one linked above) with a Chromebook input cover it will have spaces between the ctrl and fn keys as well as between the the super and alt keys where there is no metal bar between the keys.

If you are matching non-Chromebook keyboards to non-Chromebook input covers they are all identical (and likewise with Chromebook keyboards and Chromebook input covers).

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I believe some languages have different cutouts.
Also make sure to look at the enter and backslash buttons, those are only sometimes conjoined from memory!


after looking at all the keyboards currently on the marketplace, it seems like the only difference in cutouts is between the Chromebook and non-Chromebook variants, but I may be missing one? The ones I see with extra keys fit them into part of the left shift.

the two keys in the “L” shaped cutout are always conjoined.

If I remember correctly, someone on the Framework team mentioned that all the keyboards use the same input cover (pre-Chromebook) to save on tooling costs, but it would take me some time to try and go back and find that post.


yeah it looked like that to me from the photos

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I asked support this and they confirmed that the keyboard layouts are interchangeable (except the Chromebook):

Yes, that is possible. The only input cover/kb layout that is not compatible with the FW13 laptop is the Chromebook variant (and vice versa).