Framework 13 vs framework 16?

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If the idea is continuity and keeping the same “frame” then why are we receiving the new Framework 16? Doesn’t that defeat the whole idea behind this concept?

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To provide a device for people wanting a bigger screen.
I think the Framework 13 will continue to get new hardware.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to fill multiple market segments. A 13" device can’t be everything to everyone any more than a 16" can. I think it’s good to have options.

The important thing isn’t that there is only one, universal model. The important thing is that the models that are on offer are supported with repair and eventually upgrade parts, long term. So far, Framework has stuck with this goal with the 13", that is now being offered with a fourth mainboard category (first 11th gen intel, then 12th and now 13th gen, plus it’s now being offered in an AMD variant). It has had the top case improved, Framework now offers both glossy and matte displays, all mainboards are totally interchangeable in the case, they offer a separate case for the mainboards so they can be used independently, etc.

As long as they proceed in the same way with the 16", I think it’s great that they are offering other options. It allows more people to find a device that works for them from Framework. This will help get repairable, upgradeable devices into more hands, which will hopefully, ultimately, be a good thing.

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oh my…I had no idea it stood for the size of the screen. I was looking for specs on the screens and I could find that anywhere. My bad. That answers my question for sure. Thanks.

As long as they won’t focus on printers, phones, headphones, servers and other stuff all at once they should be good.


The Framework Laptop 16 is not replacing the Framework Laptop 13. It’s an additional product with a larger screen. Both will continue to be sold and updated.

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Updated means new version or also BIOS updates?