How often is new stuff / mainboards released? What about Intel 13th gen?

I’m planning to buy a Framework laptop but would like to get the “newest thing” so that I don’t have to think about upgrading its components for a while.

  1. Is there anything new coming in the following months?
  2. Is there an ETA for Intel 13th gen?
  3. Has anybody switched the display to OLED?

There is no ETA for anything. Framework will announce products when they release not before. To my knowledge there are no OLED panels at this size and aspect ratio.


In the same boat, looking forward to the 13th gen laptops,

if we could get an ETA that would be helpful.

@bit_maker They won’t give one until it is just a couple weeks away from release. If they keep true to form as far as when it might release then look to July/August as a release date.

I would like to add I am instead waiting for 14th Gen Intel instead XD


I just want DDR5, so that I can keep my new memory for the next upgrade.

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Turns out it pays to wait some times!