14th Intel Gen Motherboard

So any ideas on when they’ll make and release the 14th Intel MB for sale?

Long time, 13th gen is pretty recent. Check back in at least 6 months. Especially since 14th gen hasn’t even launched yet.


Makes sense I just didn’t know if they have cycles or time frames on when the release new MB’s.

But yeah I don’t expect 14th Gen to come out anytime soon either. I thought it already came out (14th) from Intel so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too much of a wait time hopefully.

Desktop Raptor Lake refresh did. Not Meteor Lake which is the mobile/laptop equivalent. ML comes out in December and new laptops from big manufacturers are expected to be shown off at CES in January as usual. So expect a possible FW release in May at the earliest. 13th released just a few months ago, it’ll be close to a year I expect before a refresh.


Ok Thanks for the info =)

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Each generation of Framework’s Intel-based systems has come about a year after the previous one. So I’d expect a spring announcement unless it’s delayed by production problems at Intel. Framework won’t get 14th gen immediately, both because they don’t have the resources to do it and because they’re not a priority customer for Intel.

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