Framework 16 Build Quality / Tolerances

Hi all, I just wanted to check if others are seeing these annoying build/design issues, too.

Touchpad and wrist rest panel alignment and concavity mismatch:

The NVME hold down screw makes the SSD flex when tightened (minimal tightening):

I’m going to guess based on the following topics, that others are seeing the same sort of things:

There are many threads and posts about the spacers and touchpad.

There are several mentions of stripped or broken hold down screws for the nvme drive, but I don’t remember anyone complaining of drive flex.

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The disk seems really weird tbh. I don’t recall there is anything underneath it upon what it can be bent

Right, there isn’t. It seems to simply be a mismatch of the standoff height and mating surface angle. As I would tighten the bolt, the SSD would being to bow upwards in the center.

Which SSD are you using please? Does it have unusual dimensions?

This is WD Black SN850X 2TB NVME that was supplied by Framework in the DIY kit. There is no second ssd in the machine, just that single ssd.

When installing, I removed and played with this ssd for a while, since I was pretty uncomfortable with this flex. I took a video of the tightening + loosening the hold down bolt:

Your video is not working for me, The link brings me to an empty album.

I should be getting my batch 16 this morning. Depending on the timing, I should be able to do an apples to apples on your problem As I have the same SSD also supplied by framework in my kit.