Framework 16 CPU power limited to ~30 W (PPT? STAPM?)

Hello all,
I just got my Framework 16 with the 7840HS, and after the excitement wore off I ran a Prime95 small FFT torture test (as one does). CPU package power as reported by HWiNFO briefly spikes, then drops to 36 W, then gradually lowers to ~30 W while I reach a core temperature of ~70 C. I think the 36 W limit corresponds to 100% “CPU PPT SLOW Limit”, and the ~30 W limit is 100% “APU STAPM Limit”.
I would be happy, but I was promised 45+ W… Has anyone else seen this behavior? How do I get moar?

More details:
Framework 16 7840HS, no dGPU
100W USB C power adapter plugged in to back left port
Windows 11 Home 23H2, BIOS_3.03, driver_bundle_W11__2024_04_02
Settings>System>Power & Battery>Power Mode is set to “Best Performance”

The bottom of the laptop is in fact so hot it’s very uncomfortable to touch; I’d actually leave the limit same or even lower if I were using it in my lap. However I think it’s strange that other people seem to be reporting much higher power draws and temperatures, and Framework themselves advertise the cooling solution as being able to handle 45 W. Have I overlooked something/is there something else I need to adjust…