Framework 16 customization

I have a pre-order in for the FW16. I was curious what other colors for the bezel or spacers community members might be interested in? I would be interested in a blue for either FW laptop.

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I still want a clear / transparent bezel


I was mildly surprised that this wasn’t an option as it is for the 13. I instead went for black because as much as I love orange, I think it would be too distracting surrounding the screen. Now if they were to dye the anodized aluminum case orange… :smiley:

Not thought about dying the case. I assumed that couldn’t be done after the factory with the electronics inside

Oh, you would have to remove everything. Including the feet on the bottom. But you could then do color anodizing of the aluminum base and lid. There are lots of anodizing tutorials around. There are also ways to do patterns of multiple colors. Some can look amazing. Search splash anodizing or splatter anodizing.

They tried transparent bezels, but couldn’t get acceptable yields with their molds. So it would need a new mold just for transparent, and molds are prohibitively expensive. In the future when Framework is bigger, hopefully they’ll be able to do it.

Dayum. I was just gonna link the OP to some of the stick-on options already out there for the FW13 - fair bet they’ll do a FW16 set in coming months. But there’s people here of a different calibre!

If anyone’s mad enough to do what OperationCWAL and MJ1 are discussing, pictures please! That would be awesome to see, even if only as a curiosity.

I got mine with the black bezel, but Id love to try both the orange in all the promotion videos, and green thats only on the fw13 atm.

I have a lot of orange on the walls in my front room, and my study will have quite a bit of green, it would be cool if my bezel matched the room.

In terms of spacer, Im quite taken away with the wooden ones.

Spacers have the ability to actually do stuff to, so itd be interesting to see what capabilites people might add.

Older thread here on why they don’t offer color anodized. Not sure if position has changed, this was some time ago Has Anyone Stripped Down The Framework To The Aluminum Case And Stone Washed Or Anodized It Yet? - Framework Laptop 13 - Framework Community

I would definitely go for blue. Maybe a blue-gray color (think old Sun Microsystems blue). Purple would be nice as well. Or better yet, transparent purple.

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Ah, that’s fair. Stickers are more fun anyway!

I would love a dbrand sticker but unfortunately there is 0% chance of me getting it on there straight and being happy with however crooked it ends up being :rofl:


They’re surprisingly forgiving. Their flexibility combined with their suggested application process left me with a really good application. It’s far better then I expected. I’m not sure about the application of other sections but application of the top skin went great.


I’d like it silver-colored to match the enclosure.
Otherwise, dark blue would be nice, too.

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All of you doing stickers sadden me. I am attempting rebuild on a powder coated bottom shell.

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