Can we please get the Green bezel option on the 16?

I would love to order the green bezel from the photo for my FW 16, but the only options was Black/Orange/Lavender.

Is there a quess on when the Green will be available, or if ever?

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For both Framework Laptop 13 and 16, we’ll continue to add colors over time, but we don’t have a schedule for it. It takes fairly substantial time for us to test and tune each color, since it is a complex tool that is being shared for multiple colors.


Thanksfor the answer @nrp

If it becomes available before my FW16 ships, can I get it changed?

This is a silly idea and probably prohibitively expensive, but just throwing it out here:

An anodized aluminum bezel would be super cool and match the aluminum construction well. I think you can anodize aluminum to nearly any color you want if you have fine enough control over temperature.

Yes, it’s possible to adjust DIY Edition customization items until the time that your batch starts shipping.


I hope they’ll offer a blue bezel at some point.

Not really into purple, but still kinda considering that lavender one as a backup… hmm…

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