Framework 16 DIY Skin

Due to the market’s lack of flexibility and lack of competition in the field, I decided to start a new project: an open source, free, Framework 16 cutout for DIYing skins.
My plan is to make a printable design you can put on paper, and then overlap it onto your vynil square of choice, cut it out carefully, and then apply the skin.
I found the Framework 16 repository but it doesn’t contain any external shell CAD.
Do anyone have any idea that does not involve buying a skin from a supplier and re-doing the outline using it as a reference?

If any of you guys already have a F16 skin at hand, I’d LOVE to take some measurements to start drawing.


This would be excellent. You can get removable adhesive vinyl in all kinds of patterns and colors. Some great color shifting options too. And enough to cover several laptops in full costs far less than the likes of dbrand charges for even a single lid skin. Available for sale all over, as “auto wrap” or “car wrap”. Amazon, ebay, aliexpress, etc.

My idea would be to reach out to Framework support to ask for those CAD files. I’m sure, that dbrand didn’t start from scratch either.

My goal is to cover my FL16 from outside completely by using this skin to disguise it as a marble brick.
To achieve that, unlike the dbrand skin, the WiFi-antenna area and the black plastic areas, as well as the sides including the expansion cards need to be covered as well. I’d be delighted for any help, even if I have to alter your cutout before I can use it.

Till now, I thought about applying the skin without removing the layer securing the adhesive first, mark the cutout areas, then apply them. As I have no experience it in CAD whatsoever, a starting point would be better than none. A printout would have to be in DIN A3 format to be of any use in germany. Due to the printer I own only printing in DIN A4, I’d have to use a printer service for that.

I love the marble brick idea ahah, it embraces the “brickness” of the FL16 dimensions. The thing is BIG.
I’ll try to contact FW for the CADs. My printer also prints in A4 only, but I could design an A4 friendly design in such a way that allows you to “compose” the paper cutout combining more A4 sheets.
I’m in Batch 15, so it’s going to be a while before I get my hands on a physical device to measure. In the meantime, I hope that some kind internet stranger will eventually send me some info about their off-the-shelf skin :slight_smile:

You can buy removable adhesive vinyl from retailers but if you want to produce in cheap then i would recommend to find a supplier so that your cost must be reduced

I don’t plan to produce skins (eventually one for myself): the goal is to design a cutout, a guide, something you can print at home and use it to make your own skin, using the vynil or material of your choice.

Yeah, that’d work, too. Gladly, my companion is an expert at aligning and glueing A4-sheets together. :smile:

Good luck with that. As much as I’d like to help you, I won’t buy any other skins and am just in Batch 7.

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I have a framework 16 skin. Can’t say if the measurements will be accurate enough though.

Cool idea! I didn’t find a skin I really like - Obsidian was okay but a bit too much.

How would you cut the Vinyl, just by hand using the paper as guide? Is that accurate enough?

My prediction is: the most critical part is the logo cutout. The Framework 16’s industrial design consists mostly in straight lines, so it should be easy to cut.

You don’t need to. Some of the commercial skins don’t cutout the logo. You can heat the skin with a hairdryer and press it into the logo to make an impression. I’d suggest running your nail around logo edges to make them sharper. Or you can just leave the logo flat.

Dbrand shows how the logo impression is done (link to 2min 42sec). It’s simple enough that a video isn’t really needed, but it’s still useful to see.

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Thanks! Interesting! I will try to find a way to cut it out if needed, so we can make happy the vast majority of users here. I already contacted support, let’s hope that they provide me the necessary measurements! :muscle:

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If you’re in the USA, some local libraries will have a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo you can use.


Nope, I’m Italian… But I know some people in the printing shop industry… I’ll ask around :slight_smile:

Someone in the advertising industry would be the people to talk to I suspect. They will have machines for doing vinyl cutting for advertising wraps.

I got you, that a good idea

This is a perfect project for me to use again my Laser(NEJE 2S Plus). Still I don’t really know if my laser would be able to cut this stuff but I’m gonna try for sure !
So far I did not had the idea to try that before. I’m definitely gonna take a look at what amazon can offer about adhesive vinyl in my country.

Maybe I will help this project making SVG files or Lightburn project files to get the perfect cutout, but first things first.

Let’s get the hands dirty ! (I have a FW13 to start working … oh oh oh)

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Just make sure you got really good ventilation, vinyl fumes are torbo toxic.


Framework answered! No luck tho… Looks like we have to wait…


At least you triggered their awareness about this matter. Just need to be patient for now.
I’ve decided not to do any visual customization before the 30-day return period ends anyway.