Dbrand "acid" skin

I’ve never tried a dbrand skin before, but I installed one on my batch 15 Framework 16, and it looks great! The Damascus skins in particular are shiny/reflective which really stands out. There’s barely any photos of dbrand skins on Framework laptops (and none of this particular one) so I figured I’d post one.

Installation took me around 10 minutes. The tricky thing is lining it up so there’s even spacing on all sides. Steady hands make it easier :slight_smile:


it’s cool

It looks really nice. I’m considering getting one and maybe changing the skin in my dbrand grippy phone case to match.

Thanks for posting it!

I see there is someone of good taste as well :wink:

Edit: hopefully it worked now.


Your photo doesn’t load for me!

Edit: All good now. Thanks.

That’s quite a skin…

A cow died to make mine.

Got the Damascus Red!!! awesome!

Only problem, my phone camera cannot really focus onto the surface :smiley:

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Ah, so wrap some around your face while out walking past surveillance cameras… :joy:

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Whole thread on it my man

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I thought that thread was for the Framework 13 specifically. All the photos I’ve seen in that thread except for the most recent one are the Framework 13.

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I mean it’s mostly people posting FW13 but it isn’t exclusive lol, the thread is just about dBrand. not a big deal, just need a mod to merge this thread in there. I see why you would think that given it’s tagged FW13 tho

Thanks for sharing. Looks fantastic!