Framework 16 + Fedora + KDE + input quirks

So I just migrated from Dell Precision 5540 to Framework 16 and I love it mostly due to power vs temperature (5540 ran so hot constantly it would throttle down to prehistoric speeds to prevent exceeding the envelope).

However, with 5540 I was able to control keyboard backlight and touchpand sensitivty from the environmental control. It looks like it’s possible to control the backlight from the BIOS and manually but it is not exposed in the backlight driver in Linux. Is this something you guys are going to fix?

Numpad (regular one, not the color LED one) has no backlight or did I miss something and it’s controlled separately? It’s definitely not activated by Fn + Space.

Another thing is a touchpad. The tap-to-click is too sensitive, but there seems to be no sensitivity slider either (whereas 5540 had one). I suspect it’s either driver issue or hardware doesn’t have the tunable?

That patch series will allow software control of the keyboard backlight.


The backlight is controlled seperately from the main keypad. IIRC it is Numlock + ‘.’ (on the keypad). It is also four steps like the keyboard.

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