Framework 16 no keyboard mode?

I’ve seen the prototype with the movable keyboard and padders, but is the keyboard going to be removable and replaceable with merely the padders for a flat and keyboard-less experience?
I don’t think this is some top secret stuff to hide but if so then sucks for me I guess.
An other question is, are there improvements to the trackpad over the FW13?

Also do not ask why I want to do this, I have my reasons that are very niche that most people cannot imagine.

You ask them not to keep secrets :zipper_mouth_face:

Yet you keep secrets yourself! :upside_down_face:


Not directly. Each of the small side spacers has two connection points at the bottom side of the module, but there’s not a full row of connection points on the laptop. They’re mostly near both sides as Framework expects you to use a large keyboard module in the middle that acts like a “bridge” between both sides. You could of course mill or 3D print a flat module that has the size of the keyboard module.