Trackpad not sitting flush

I just received my batch 15 Framework 16 this week. Really nice piece of hardware, and overall I’m very impressed with the build quality.

I have the trackpad on the left side of the laptop, with both spacers to the right. The spacers are sitting flush with the side of the laptop, exactly how they should be. No issues with them.

The top of the trackpad is sitting raised at the top a bit though, on both sides. Maybe 1mm or so?

I haven’t tried reseating everything yet. I’ll do that tonight. Is there anything else I should try to fix this?

Hi Daniel, reseating the midplate and tightening screws evely usually solves this issue. If it does not or if you see a visible bent on the touchpad module, please contact the support team. Thanks!

I think a lot of them do that, mine included.

There’s a definite slight curve in the touchpad panel, you can see it by holding it against something flat.

Personally, i’m just going to live with it.