Framework 16 - two ssd potential overheat and prevention

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Eventhough @Framework said, there will not be overheat issue with two ssd. The commom overheat issue of wd black sn740 and sn770m m2230 was under limelight. what could be the remedy for FW16 case? I have sn850x 2tb for m2280 slot but hesitant to get sn770m m2230 because of the potential overheat issue. Any suggestion and can you guys share your experience if someone use this combination of ssd.

Hmm i am just running one ssd. the SK hynix 2 TB 2280 stick. it is both faster then the WD and runs cooler. You probably already have those 2 drives though so that doesn’t help you. if anything i would get one of the slower cooler drives for the 2230 slot.

There’s a smaller heat sink where the person’s hand holds between the exhaust and the CPU, which is likely above the PSU. I’m concerned that when under heavy load, this part heats up instead of cools down the SSD(s)

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Thanks , do you mean sn850x 2tb for m2280 also have overheat issue?
I thought framework give best option to their customer with sn850x and sn740 combination in preoder. Later I noticed sn740 is oem and cannot buy separately, therefore I am thinking of sn770m option.
I already got sn850x with good deal from amazon wd store, about 40% cheaper than framework market.

So you suggest to have SABRENT Rocket 2230 NVMe 4.0?

If heat is a concern which it should be yes. The slower drivers also run cooler able to take a bit more of a beating.

Seems like
CORSAIR MP600 CORE Mini 2tb or Micron Crucial 2400 2TB M.2 2230 NVMe SSD 4500/4000 MB/s could be better options compare with sn770m. Sabrent does not have 2tb option.

Thanks , you means they are required to redesign it?

Can we use any type of thin heat sink or copper for heat transfer? I think m2. 2280 might be possible.

I need to look back but I think it is already sunk into the midplate. If not a pad to the midplate should do

I think it’s as designed as it’s ever going to be, short of an entirely different model, and given how tight space was this time, next time might result in only 1 SSD slot.

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I run that one as 2230, but also the Solidigm 2TB as 2280 drive.
As both have a very low idle power consumption, they run quite cool.

What I also do on battery, is to setup in the bios to fall back to pci x3. Both drives run at about 30⁰C in average when idle. Temp can go up to 45 when downloading games (loads of write).
But - as I have separated OS from Games, only one drive at a time is really solicited.


Thanks, I will try,

Basically I have the same 2280 drive. Sk Hynix platinum is the same components from the same company. Both are built by SK. It’s also really fast for the low power usage.