Framework 16 with dGPU - Which Linux Distro for Games

Hi all - I am going to be new to the Framework family as of this week, as my 16" Framework is now shipping. I am going to use the laptop primarily for gaming, but also some VM stuff and getting far more familiar with Linux generally.

My question is, purely for gaming and specifically for Steam/Proton compatibility, does Ubuntu or Fedora have the fewest issues (or do I need to look further afield?)

I have a Steam Deck so understand there’s never 100% compatibility 100% of the time, but I’d be looking for at least the games that work on 'Deck to work on this laptop. I also have a Crossover subscription, so could use that when there’s better compatibility than with Steam/Proton.

Ot would you recommend I stay clear of Linux until the utilities/BIOS updates etc are more mature on that side?

Ubuntu may be fine as long as you stay away from the cursed steam snap thing.

I haven’t tried Ubuntu for about 8 years… so basically don’t install from their ‘Store’ and do it from the Steam page?

Yes pretty much