Framework 16 won´t turn on. Please help. =D

Friends, I´m Victor. I had the FW 16 delivered to me in march 04. I had to move overseas so I never got to open the box. Finally yesterday (3 months after delivery and a continent away) I tried it and it didnt power on. I read something about chipset battery or “keeping it plugged for 24h”, please help.

You should not have to keep it plugged in for a day before using. I wouldn’t think it needs plugging in at all before use though I’m not certain, in fact they work without a battery.
Do any lights come on on the sides when you turn it on?
To ask a stupid question, yours did come with it’s own RAM and SSD installed?

Please reach out to support. Because it hasn’t been powered for that long, it’s possible that the battery is completely dead and requires some time to charge. If it doesn’t work, you may need to do a mainboard reset.

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Like David M said, we would need a bit more information to help you.
What spec machine is it. Did it come preinstalled with RAM and NVME storage, or have you added it.
If you added RAM, NVME, which make, model are they.
RAM needs something called memory training, that can take 15 mins to complete. So it might just be a matter of switching the laptop on, and waiting the first time. After that first time, it should then be quicker.
Also, take note of the Lights that David mentions. They flash various colours etc. that tell you where it is failing.
The RAM has to work before anything will appear on the display.

I bought a prebuilt version so I should expect it to be well assembled. Didn´t open to check. I just put the spacers and keyboard in palce.

That´s what I “feel” like it is. Probably Bios battery is dead. It was my first idea when the thing wouldn´t power up.

No flashing. Not a single light anywhere. It´s all dead.

AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS
16GB (2x8GB) Memory
512GB Storage
prebuilt version.
Plugged the power brick to the wall and to the laptop. No response, no light. Power button pushed, nothing.

Opened the main plate to take a look and found out that they sent me a model with only one of the two ram cards I bought… Starting to think that something weird might be going on.

Which port did you plug the power brick into?
Not all can take power

When you plug the power in, a little LED light next to the USB-C socket should light up.
Maybe no power is getting to the laptop. Check all the connections to the power brick and the wall are tight.
Are you using a Framework power brick or your own one?
Maybe see if you can get the power brick to charge your phone, if your phone has a usb-c, just to check the power brick is working.

If you only have one RAM card, try the RAM card in the other slot. Be careful to get the RAM the right way up. There is a FW video to show which way up they go. They go a different way up depending on which slot they are in.
It is strange if you only have one chip, but ordered two?

The FW16 does not have a BIOS battery. It just uses the Main Lithium Ion battery for the BIOS.

If you have an external USB keyboard, you can test it without having to put the mid-plate and keyboard back together.

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240w brick I got from FW.
Will try with the external Keyboard.
Curiously my FW16 doesnt have a back LED with the USB-C connector. It´s into the “vga graphics card” and no LED is visible (I will find a way to test the power of the brick, that might be why it´s not working"
Will try to change to RAM to the other slot.
apreciate the help a lot.

The power brick needs to plug into the side of the laptop. You need to put a usb-c slot card in one of the side slots closest to the screen and plug the power into that.
If there is a usb-c on the rear of the laptop, it cannot take power.

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YES! Thank God in heaven for a moron like myself being able to have you around to help. Now let´s pray to the Patron Saint of morons that I didn´t burn my VGA. Thanks mates.

Don’t worry. It will not have harmed the VGA/Graphics Card.

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