Framework Canada duties payable?

Hi I am a newcomer to Canada and I know there are some e-commerce provisions under USMCA, but will I have to pay Customs Duties or some other duty (other than HST) upon the delivery of my laptop in Canada?

This has been asked in another thread somewhere, but so far I haven’t seen a report of a Canadian being charged additional fees upon delivery.

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No duties here. Seems to be included in the price. My “taxes and duties” line item includes only HST.

I just put in an order yesterday, what they quoted for “HST + Duties” is the standard 13% HST. I guess I’ll know for sure in November.

It’s very rare that I get stuck paying duties on new items, it’s usually used junk from ebay, or the odd aliexpress item where I have to pay it.
Always take the ‘USPS’ option if available when ordering from the States.

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Are the shipments fulfilled from within Canada or do they come from NJ like for the Americans?

Mine came from NJ. I don’t think they come from anywhere else.

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I received mine to Canada recently. There are no duties due on delivery. In looking at the customs form on the front, I can see that Framework has instructed the courier to bill all duties/customs fees back to their HQ. Framework is eating the cost for duties on all international shippments, or at least those to Canada. This is super nice of Framework and no accident. So, this is called DDP (duties delivered paid).


There were no duties when I received my laptop! From Canada.

Framework is shipping to Canada DDP (duties delivered paid). They are not collecting duties on checkout, so Framework is eating this cost for now.


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