Will I be charged for import tax when the laptop arrives?

Hi. I like in the UK and I’m debating on getting a Framework laptop. Will I be charged money when it arrives at customs as import tax?

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No, all customs and duties are paid by Framework

Edit: Ok, that’s what I thought anyways. Yet the terms of sale state that import fees and duties are the customer’s responsibility. Weird.

Edit 2: Ok, so I did some more digging and yes, it looks like FW covers customs and import duties if it is being shipped to a supported country.

Was the closest I got to confirmation but I haven’t seen reports of users needing to pay import fees.

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I bought mine in the UK in February last, no problem, that doesn’t mean it always goes smoothly, but there’s no obvious issues I see on the forum. Just don’t expect a nice invoice for VAT use.

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Thanks for clearing it up! Gonna definitely but it now.

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Precisely, the whole point of supporting countries is that their legal system for purchasing goods is supported, and it would be like buying any other product in that country. This is also why rolling out official support in other countries is not as quick as many would like.


You won’t be charged.