Customs in Canada

Can anyone in Canada whose purchased a framework laptop tell me if you had to pay customs for shipping, or was it covered?

I’m in Alberta. I didn’t pay any additional customs or S&H fees over and above what Framework charged for shipping.

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It arrived Fedex dropped at the door with no duty or taxes owed. My receipt from Framework shows “Taxes & Duties” which are 5.14% which seems like it’s close to just federal GST and no QST – though it’s off by about $3 so maybe it’s some other tax or duty that’s about the same. That was in the original receipt from the deposit though. There was no new amounts added when they charged the balance and shipped.

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BTW, Hi from Ontario. :slight_smile:

0$ for me as well. Fedex bill of landing had the costs already paid it seems. (Toronto, Ontario)

Thanks for the answers. Can’t wait to get one in that case!