Framework Chromebook - Linux Partition Size Recommendations?

Any suggestions on how large to size the Linux partition in the ChromeOS settings? On a 256 GB SSD, I’m tempted to go large (128…?) but the device recommends 10 GB. I might do some light compilation of open-source projects but other than that, I’m not looking for a Linux machine - obviously, I bought a ChromeOS device. Just curious if anyone had suggestions or experience with ChromeOS in the past!

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It has been a while, but if you’re not looking to do a lot with it, you could start at, say 20 or 40gb. I believe that you can resize the linux partition, but I don’t recall if that required being in dev mode to do so. 128gb is likely overkill. With that said, chromeos doesn’t typically use a lot of space itself, so if you do choose to go with 128gb it likely will not affect anything that you do there. Enjoy!


I want to note that the size of the Linux disk can be increased at any time without going into developer mode.