"Framework (Dark)" forum theme is now live!

For those hoping for a dark mode theme in the forums, today is your day!

The new “Framework (Dark)” theme is now available for selection in your “Preferences > Interface” section. If you are stuck on the old, bugged “Dark” theme, please make sure you perform a hard browser refresh the “Interface” section so that the “Theme” option drop-down menu is visible. Select “Framework (Dark)” in the menu, and you should be good to go!

We appreciate your patience while we freed up some resourcing to get this update completed.



My eyes thank you guys greatly. Thanks for putting it all together!


ahh. glorious.


Wow! Very very nice!! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Is it possible to re-enable the option to depend on system settings for light or dark mode? I remember seeing it in options and using it before, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Regardless the new dark mode looks much better!


Excellent, thank you, I’ve just switched over to it. Very nice!

Unfortunately no, the theme “Framework” will always be default unless it is manually changed to “Framework (Dark)”.

Thank god, contrasting text c:

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Thank you!! :heart:
I’ve been using Dark reader this whole time to protect my eyes.
The new theme works well with dark reader too.

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Thank you! But why not make it automatic? It seems upstream discourse supports it and it works automatically when I go to their demo.

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It was automatic on my phone.

Were you perhaps logged in to the forums on your phone? The setting is tied to your account so if you had already set it from another machine it would carry over to your phone. I just tried with 2 different browsers on my phone (firefox and vanadium) and 2 browsers on my computer (firefox and chromium) and none of them were dark on framework forums (when signed out) but all of them were dark on the try.discourse.org demo.

I see. You’re right if I make a new account on the phone it doesn’t automatically set. I figured it was system set but evidently not.

Thank you so much for finally getting this sorted. Love it.

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Argh, the banner is too orange

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Yes, it could do with being half the height.
some other comments -

  • highlighted posts (e.g. from Matt) come up is some wierd colour (which I suspect is a colour inversion of the non-dark colour). It would be nice if this could be changed to a nicer colour.
  • The posts to read count that gets put beside ones initial at the top right also has an orange colour that is the same as the banner. Can this colour be changed?
  • what happens if the persons letter colour is also orange? I’m lucky mine isn’t, so I can see a bite out of the letter colour caused by the posts to read number, which is what alerted me to the background colour of the number.

I’m trying the dark for a bit. Might yet go back to the standard as a comparison for a bit. Have to admit that the amount of orange does get a bit hard on the eyes after a while.

root {
–header_background: #f45a27

Change the css value via the browser maybe ?

Trying now >>Firefox Profile/chrome userContent.css ?? No luck yet

I second this. It almost negates using the dark theme at night since the banner is so bright.