Forum Feedback

So I’d like to have a category exclusively dedicated to forum feedback

And on that note my first piece of feedback!

Viewing the forum on mobile is not seamless, I’m using an iPhone 12 mini which has that atrocious notch and when viewing in landscape orientation, text and pictures go “behind” the notch and are not viewable until I scroll up or down

Just something I’ve noticed, anyone else can feel free to chime in and state anything else that could use improvement

Thanks everyone!

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I would like to have a dark mode if that is possible.


Just FYI: They are simply hosting discourse.
I doubt they are going to invest their limited front-end manpower into forking and altering the discourse platform, but who knows.

Dark mode is easily feasible though:

My small complaint is that when clicking on the “Community”-link in the nav-bar, it opens it in a new tab. Although, this might be deliberate, as you would need to instruct ember.js to do that.


Oh for sure, I don’t expect a solution tomorrow or anything, but a request from a paying customer to discourse might result in more action than me writing an email

It may never be fixed which wouldn’t be the end of the world, I just want to put things on the radar for QOL changes to the forum, especially since I primarily navigate the forum on mobile

I wish they’d turn on the ability to toggle dark mode, I’d really like that


Not so much feedback but a question.

How do you reply to a particular poster in a thread, without quoting?

Sometimes I see a little indication that someone is responding to a particular poster in the thread in the upper right of a post and I have no idea how they do it.

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It really depends on when and where you click the reply button. It looks like it is disabled on Framework’s Discourse instance.

But regarding the loading of pictures on the iPhone 12 mini: That seems like an issue with the way the browser you are using renders images.

I don’t feel like Framework should worry about the community forum beyond ensuring it works. That we see actual staff responding here is a bonus, not indicative of something promised by any means.

In general, I think Framework already have very full plates.


I generally like Discourse, maybe because I got used to it since it’s quite prevalent these days. One thing I was about to mention I’d change was the hijacking of Ctrl-F for server-side search: when I press it, it’s because I want to use the built-in functionality of the browser to find something on the current page. However, I can’t seem to reproduce the behavior anymore, so perhaps someone read my mind already and switched it off.

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I mean…I feel like my suggestion is for that purpose, that everything renders properly and is easily readable, it’s not just photos, it’s text as well

And the issue can be reproduced on all 3 major browsers on my iPhone

And like I said before, this is by no means an urgent issue but it is something that could be improved

That’s all this thread is, minor QOL improvements that can be made at some point

Try Ctrl-FF (Pressing the Ctrl, type F 2 times) to use the builtin Ctrl-F.

Edited: now I see even the Ctrl-F is not highjacked by the page. I had been using Ctrl-FF to prevent the highjack before.