Framework DIY minus mainboard

Currently we have an option to order Framework DIY without memory and/or storage. That is awesome for reusability and environment safety.

I propose adding a configure option to order Framework DIY without a motherboard as well (bring your own). That would allow buying fully outfitted laptop covers but with a discount.

I’m a proud owner of Batch 5 Framework DIY that I’d like to upgrade to a 12-gen mainboard someday. But that would mean that I would have two mainboards and one laptop. So, I thought, maybe I should use 11-gen mainboard for something else, ideally for building another Framework laptop.

Of course I can do it right now simply by ordering brand new 12-gen Framework DIY, but I don’t want to spend all that money just yet.

By having an option to buy a laptop without a mainboard later, that would be a no-brainer.

P.S.: I do understand that this is complicated because of logistics, fabrication and export rules that treat fully assembled computer and a set of spare parts for it differently, but oh well.


Very good considerations, with even more insight than what I proposed on another topic…

(1) The “Laptop Kit” = just like configuring a DIY Laptop, except for the option of “NO Motherboard (I’ll bring my own)” in the middle.
For those who will buy (or receive it as a gift, maybe) an used MB/Proc. combo and would like to put it to use in a new Framework Laptop with the (possibly huge?) savings they get on the MB cost.


I fully endorse this :+1:t3: and would love to hear what the people of Framework would have to say about it. :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:


+1 for this. That’d be amazing, also a pretty good value proposition.


I would also see the BYOmotherboard as a cost effective way to repair a very damaged unit say fell out of a moving car where it basically needs a whole body transplant
and if they bring out different form factors using the same motherboards it would give you reuse choices say upgrade your system and put your OLD parts into a new body for the kid to use at school


Uhh- why would Framework give a discount on this though? This seems like the thing that very few people want, but if you do you can just get it from the store.

I also think this is a fantastic idea and a good way to sustainably “pass down” a laptop. I’m not a father yet, but I could definitely see upgrading my CPU and giving my son the old mainboard and a kit for the rest of the laptop (maybe even with customizable options in the future).

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Just to confirm that you are aware you can purchase all the parts individually from the marketplace and leave out the mainboard to effectively get what you need.


True but it cost significantly more buy individual parts.

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Not to mention it would be a gigantic pain in the butt procedure. Do they sell the screws?

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I totally agree with this. This has the potential to save a lot of e-waste and money. For example, I intend to get a framework laptop as well but I would much rather buy the chassis without the motherboard from framework and the the motherboards from another framework user who just upgraded his to the 12th gen and has no use for his 11th gen motherboard. Upcycle!


As it’s probably a pretty rare product to be bought I don’t think it should be discounted, maybe just the cost of all the parts individually with an extra assembly cost or even an option to have a DIY option to put it together yourself.

Would be really cool to just order the parts individually and create a ‘Framekensteint’ :smile:

I made a little spreadsheet with all the marketplace components together and it does end up being pretty costly. 637 USD or 688 EURO for everything together!

Spreadsheet in picture form if you don't want to click the link.