DIY kit without a motherboard


Currently, a huge deciding factor for me as to whether I should hold off on purchasing a Framework laptop until, for example, an AMD variant of it is announced or get my hands on one as soon as it is available in my region is a financially viable option to re-use a motherboard in a new body.

My plan is to build a laptop for my parents, using the motherboard from my Framework after upgrading it.

Hence my question, are there plans to sell fully-assembled, DIY kits without a motherboard?

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That would be cool, a none option on the DIY configurator :slight_smile: when it comes to motherboard. It doesn’t make much sense when there is just one generation of MB, but it might make more sense once people start upgrading to a new / alternate MB line.

While you seem to be most interested in the assembly angle, out of interest I calculated what that would cost to build one from the parts in the marketplace.

Currently you would need the following (prices in USD):
Regular keyboard kit (includes touchpad, fingerprint, but no cable?) - 99
Battery - 59
Bottom cover kit (includes audio board, speakers) - 99
Display kit - 179
Top cover kit (includes hinges, webcam) - 99
Wifi sans vPro - 18
Touchpad cable - 14
Bezel - 39

Total - 606

Now the main board costs 449, which would bring it up to the 999 entry level model*. So price wise its only 56 dollars premium for individual parts. Which given the extra cost of keeping those parts individually packaged and stocked, is very fair.

*(You would also get a screwdriver :slight_smile: )



For 999, you also get 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and Windows Home.

I believe that’s another $245, purchased from Framework.

And you’re right - no screwdriver. So add another 5.

$250 additional is a bit more to think about…

Thanks for your calculations, Brendan!

I could not agree more. I would only build the laptop if there was another motherboard line-up to choose from to have my personal Framework upgraded to.

I must agree with Jake here. You are forgetting that the entry level model comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 and is fitted with a stick of RAM and an SSD NVMe.

Anyway, I might sound like a broken record because knowing myself, I am going to repeat this throughout this thread, regardless of what others will have to say here, but it’ll only be an economically viable option if all the parts (apart from a motherboard) are sold as one package. :smiley:

So your plan is to buy a new motherboard for your existing laptop when one you like becomes available, take the existing one out of your laptop, install the new motherboard, save the old one for your parents.

Then buy a new laptop without the motherboard and install the old one on it.


I think it’s safe to say you can save yourself a lot of work by just buying yourself a new laptop and giving the old one to your parents :slight_smile: If needed just swap SSD and RAM.


You are correct. I am forgetting this. I got confused by the fact I purchased a DIY in Canadian dollars.

You are right. :sweat_smile:

I swear that all the mental gymnastics that I have gone through, first hanging on to the “Yes, I want it now.” mindset only to then change my mind and be like “No, I must wait.” back and forth numerous times, trying to come up with a justification for purchasing the laptop in spite of the fact its present hardware does not check all the check marks for me has messed up my ability to think clearly.

Please make this stop by launching the thing in the EU already. :slightly_frowning_face:

Let the one of us in the US figure all small issues first :slight_smile:

Where in EU are you BTW?