Framework extremely hot and battery drained after leaving closed

After charging my laptop over night, I unplugged it, put it in my bag, and went to class. when I took it out of my bag about an hour later, it was hot to the touch, and the battery had dropped significantly (I don’t remember the exact number but I think it dropped at least 60%). I plugged it in, and put it in my bag as I left class an hour later. After a few hours I took it out of my bag again and it was extremely hot again, and was almost out of battery.

I think this might be related to when I installed NI LabView yesterday, I remember it asking to disable some type of Windows sleep setting, and I clicked yes because I was just doing a default download. Anyone know what setting I may have changed?

I have a Framework 13, 13th gen Intel, running Windows 11

This sounds like your device is not sleeping when you close the lid. You will need to go into Windows power setting and ensure that you are set to sleep when the lid is closed. On top of this, you need to determine if NI LabView is trying to hold a context and not allowing the OS to sleep.

Wake timers and locks are possible culprits here as well. However, if you are not familiar with all of this, just start with the power settings. Work your way down.

Post here if you have additional questions and we, as the community, will try to assist.


I’ve also heard that this is an issue with Windows modern standby where if it is plugged in when it goes to sleep, it will stay in a higher powered state once unplugged and not sleep properly. Then when it is put in a bag it can no longer cool properly, so the battery continues to drain and it gets hot.

I have the same problem with linux (fedora 38).

One really drawback of the framework (compared to my x230 I used before): It has no LED on the top of the lid to indicate the standby-state when closed. There is no way to find out if the laptop has supended correctly without opening it again. Heisenberg agrees. Wut do?