Laptop, intel 13th gen, somehow stayed on all night, woke up to fans blaring and it extremely hot. Should I be worried?


Title says most of the issue, but further context is that the laptop has never had issues with hibernating upon closing the lid, either plugged in or not. So upon going over to it to hear the fans and feel how hot it was, I opened the lid and sure enough, it somehow was in sleep instead of hibernate as it came back up immediately.

After setting up an additional fan to set it by to help cool, I tried shutting the lid again only to find it still wasn’t fully hibernating. Eventually, once I left it alone and let the fans die down, closing the lid finally put it into hibernate, and now I’m on my phone typing this up haha.

Basically I’m just wanting to make sure that this isn’t something to worried about, what may have caused it, and if anyone has any next steps I should/may need to take. I gave it a reboot and all seems well, but wanna cover my bases.

I have done a lot of reading throughout these forums about temps, and I did end up buying the PTM7590 thermal pads to try, thought I haven’t had the confidence to remove that much yet, but I think perhaps this is a good sign to try to get that done haha.

Thanks for your time and for reading!

I’m assuming you’re on Windows here, there are known issues (with lots of windows laptops, not just framework) with s0ix sleep occasionally being triggered by Wake on LAN causing it to heat the laptop and run out of charge. LTT has a video on this issue and Microsoft still hasn’t fixed it iirc.