Laptop Fan Ramping Up in Sleep

Just got my laptop in today and installed Windows 10 Home.

Everything is working great, but if I plug the charger in while the lid is closed and in sleep mode, the fan starts ramping up like crazy. If I take the charger out, no fan noise.

Any idea why it’s doing this and how to fix it?

EDIT: Also noticed when I open the lid to wake it from sleep (charger not connected) the fan does a wild burst of air and then slowly settles down.

I may have more to observe since this is only day 1 with the machine, but I’d appreciate any help!


This behavior has been reported elsewhere, but I’m not sure there’s a canonical thread for it. That said, it’s immensely frustrating that Framework hasn’t made any progress on fixing this behavior. It’s impossible to put the laptop into sleep with the charger plugged in (either before or after the attempted sleep), without it immediately getting hot and the fan running at full tilt.

I don’t know if this behavior is similar to what Linux folks are experiencing, but I expect better from a Windows-compatible laptop. I feel like we’ve given Framework enough time to address this issue and I’m rapidly losing my patience.

cc @nrp

What’s the result when you do this?

I was going to say that the 3.06 bios actually turns on the fan if modern standby is doing something while it is supposed to be sleeping. (I mean whoever thought up modern standby just needs to be shot. In what world, when I want my computer to sleep, does that mean, please keep working, draining my battery and heating up the system?)

If your system is using this, then it is because Windows is ignoring your desire to sleep and is instead trying to get background work done. This happens while plugged in because on AC power is a condition of this work being done.

It would be great if Framework would moan to MS as they have more cloat than us. TL;DR: Modern standby is stupid. When a computer is put into standby it should be doing nothing other than conserving power. Full stop.

Fun fact this happens when you leave some programs open doing absolutely nothing. Happened to me when I left DaVinci Resolve open