Framework fixed my non-Framework Laptop!

So, I was looking to buy a framework, but really didn’t want a 3:2 laptop, plus I’m a 14" guy, and so I got the XPG Xenia 14, nice feeling laptop, dual side usb-c, and similar upgrades.
But the touchpad didn’t work during windows installation, thought it was just drivers, and tried to install drivers, and nothing.
I tried everything, then I went for a return, and looked to buy a Framework, watched Linus’ video again, and learned the Framework had a Pixart touchpad, like on the XPG.
So I thought “they must have drivers for their touchpad” AND YOU GUYS DO, the all-in-one package fixed my touchpad.

Thank you, Framework, although you didn’t get my purchase due to the screen size/aspect ratio, you got my trust, and possibly a purchase in the future. Thank You for basically being able to fix a non-Framework laptop.


Love to hear framework is fixing the whole industry at once… I find the aspect nice when browsing, because the actual usable area when scrolling with all of those BIG HEADERS on every website nowadays… It feels odd looking at a 16:9 screen, but I think it’s worth it. (I also have a 21:9 monitor, just avoiding 16:9 for some reason)