Issues with a new 13th gen Framework 13

I just got a new Framework laptop about two weeks ago. This is the 3rd one I have purchased so far, and it’s for my mother-in-law who knows that I just invested in Framework, so just imagine how that topic will come up in conversations after reading the debacle below:

There was no screen on the first 10 boots. Solid green light for minutes and then it eventually went red/white for a few blinks before turning off. I reseated the memory and got it to boot and even managed to use it for 30 minutes. After it went to sleep, the keyboard quit working. Holding down the power button for 60 seconds did nothing…it would not power off. Touchpad is fine. I replaced the memory and it booted a few times with the keyboard working a few times, and then went back to not booting with no screen again.

I then took the laptop home from my MIL’s to see if I could diagnose it (including swapping parts from my personal Framework laptop to test. It randomly will boot into Windows, but it is about once out of 6 or 7 attempts. The keyboard works maybe 50% of the time, but the touchpad always works. Swapping the keyboard/touchpad does nothing. Swapping the SSD does nothing. Swapping the memory does nothing.

I am out of ideas. This thing just does not want to work.

And here is the kicker. Neither my mother in law nor myself can reach Framework support. I got a couple of replies last week, but nothing since I reached back out on Saturday with no response, and they have not responded to my MIL’s original request still from nearly two weeks ago. How is Framework going to break into the mainstream with support like this? I know they are increasing in size, but turn times need to be faster or they will burn every bridge when a hardware issue arises.

15 minutes after I made this post, support emailed me back. It’s like magic! Hopefully they can get it working or replaced now.

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I can’t speak on your mother-in-law’s experience, but Support does not operate on the weekend, and can take up to a business day or two to get back to you, so this isn’t too surprising that they didn’t get back to you over the weekend, or on Monday, as they were probably catching up on all the messages they got over the weekend.


It might seem that taking your plight here to the forums helped you to get a response. I can assure you that Support takes the care of its customers very seriously. They work really hard. As Azure mentioned support works specific hours and is not a 24/7 service. It is a queued service and they do not have unlimited personnel.

To me it sounds like your mainboard has issues, and I would not be surprised if a new one was shipped to you.

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Yes, either mainboard issue or maybe something is shorting on the input cover and “confusing” the mainboard. That would also explain why the power button doesn’t work sometimes.

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I am going back and forth with support trying to diagnose the issue, and after doing the reset by pushing the chassis intrusion switch 10x, it no longer turns on at all. It blinks red 3.1 times (the 4th blink is really short). I am trying to decipher the side LED codes in the link below, but does the first section where it says “red/green” mean that it is failing the 3rd or 4th line item? That would be Power Good VCCIN_AUX or
CPU deassert sleep S4.

Hi Ryan,

I’m sorry to hear that you had issues with your new laptop. I see that the support team responded to you after you created this thread, and they are waiting for your reply.

We had a bit of a backlog, but we are mostly recovered now, so you should receive responses in a timely manner. If you have any feedback about your support experience, please let me know. Thank you!

Thank you!

Should the 13th gen Intel mainboard have an RTC/CMOS battery? Because mine does not. I see articles on the Framework website that the Ryzen does not have one, but nothing about the 13th gen Intel. My 12th gen DOES have the battery, so I am thinking this might be the issue…

No, the 13th gen and the AMD Laptops don’t come with a RTC battery. They can use one, but they effectively have the 11th gen battery module buildin (and use the main battery to keep system time and so on)


Anyone know what the deal is with this light code? Power button only illuminates when pushed. The green light blinks once and never again no matter how long the button is held down. This began after the chassis intrusion switch reset. It was somewhat turning on before that.