Framework Gaming Handheld Video!

Hi, I just posted a video showcasing a project I’m very passionate about and been working on for some time A fully modular & upgradeable Framework gaming handheld! Any questions please ask!


This is the 2nd coolest thing in the history of this forum. (First being the FW16).


  • How heavy is it with the controllers?
  • Do you plan on going through some additional prototypes and making this into a purchasable kit in the future?
  • Did you measure any controller input latency, and the display input latency?
  • Are you waiting for the AMD board (with RDNA3)?

This is really awesome, though I imagine it is really big. How’s the battery life?


Your timing is impeccable now that the AMD boards are entering mass production!


@pitstop_tech I have no words. It is a thing of beauty. A “Frame Deck” is my personal holy grail, and you did it. Well done.


This is awesome. Keep the updates coming!

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This is very cool, looking forward to update videos and posts! :slight_smile:

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@pitstop_tech Amazing work! By the way, what do you think about changing this thread’s category from Framework Laptop 13 - DIY Edition to Creators & Developers - Mainboard (Mainboard - Framework Community)? I think it’s it’s better to to find this thread easier from the 3rd party projects (Company or individually driven projects).

this is truly amazing. i really hope there is a future where this kind of thing is made by framework directly.
the potential to turn your old framework mainboard into a framedeck is just so next level, and clearly possible.

WOW! Great job man!
Would really like to see a teardown of this :slight_smile:

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First of, very cool!

Secondly, is it possible to attach an eGPU to it?

How are you handling the heat transfer on your device?

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Should work, since the guts are basically those of a Framework 13, I imagine.


That depends highly on the OS he uses. I assume SteamOS might be a good choice?
Then I’d highly assume that one might have not a good time with a NVIDIA eGPU^^

That is beautiful! That oughta soak up some of those newly-discounted 11th gen boards.

Make an XL version based on the 16 board for if/when I upgrade mine? Would that make sense, or would it be just unwieldy? Off to compare dimensions…

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Hey, just saw this on The Verge, awesome job!


Media articles featuring this topic:


This is amazing! If it ever becomes purchasable, I’ll probably be very close to the front line! (I’m never ever first in line, so I gave that up a long time ago, lol).

I’m waiting to see what the Steam Deck 2 brings because I’m not in a hurry to get a handheld PC yet. If this ever becomes purchasable by us mere mortals, I’d be very interested!

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I have 11 nephews and 2 nieces, all but one of whom live in the same town or city less than 20 minutes from me. I have long wanted to have a number of computers here so that nephews could come over and have multiplayer gaming sessions. I was mainly thinking about using framework mainboards over steam decks in light of the ability to have 4TB 2280 SSDs and more RAM, but I wanted better gaming performance (which the new AMD Ryzen boards would give). However, getting monitors, mice, keyboards, and other stuff would cost a lot of extra money, and I liked the portability of the steam Deck (it would not be easy to take monitors, mice, and keyboards to a nephew’s home and get them setup there for nephews to have a group gaming session, but I could bring a lot of mobile gaming handhelds). A consumer version of pitstop_tech’s framework gaming handheld would be ideal. It would give the portability of the steam deck, would not require getting the keyboards, mice, and monitors, and would permit the RAM and SSD sizes that I would want.

Framework, please help pitstop_tech bring a refined version of this to market or develop one yourself. Actually, for the nephew use case, as I would need to get both a framework mainboard and the handheld system for it, it would be nice if Framework just offered a Framework 13 in a gaming handheld chassis like that of pitstop_tech in addition to offering the mainboard in a laptop chassis. I would look to buy a lot of such handhelds. Also, as I am wanting to eventually get a Framework 16, if the Framework 16 board would not fit this, please develop a Framework 16 gaming handheld too.


@pitstop_tech absolutely awesome

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