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I intend to use this thread to manage a list of the company or individual driven projects, as I see the comment on hacker news below. When you find a company or individual driven projects, the related tweet or GitHub, please let us know on the comment below or edit this wiki by yourself.

I have actually been working to manage the list on Wikipedia - Framework Computer- A company or individual driven projects, following the guideline of Wikipedia. However it’s more convenient and makes sense to manage the list here due to a limitation of the Wikipedia, and just for convenience.

Framedeck: A Cyberdeck built with the framework mainboard | Hacker News

With the other DIY Framework machine on HN earlier today[1], is anyone maintaining a list of such Framework projects?


Expansion card

Hardware using expansion card

Mainboard based




  • Framework input cover controller - CRImier - a RP2040-based controller for the palmrest, connecting to the keyboard matrix, touchpad, power button, fingerprint sensor LEDs, keyboard backlight and CAPS LOCK LED. - GitHub
  • Others - See Creators & Developers - Framework Community .

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Note from The sudden growth in cyberdeck projects comes out of the convergence of three th... | Hacker News .


The sudden growth in cyberdeck projects comes out of the convergence of three things:

  1. The mechanical keyboard DIY and modding community.
  2. The availability of small ultrawide LCDs, mostly from the automotive space.
  3. The Raspberry Pi ecosystem.

We’re basically enabling that community with a higher power x86 option.

Appreciate the thread! Thanks for making it!

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This is very cool! Thanks for maintaining the section on wikipedia as well.

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Embedded Controller Mods - DHowett

@DHowett What Mods stand for?

OK. I found the “Mods” is a short for “Modifications” by searching on internet.

I added the “Monitor” section. But which is the best word in “Monitor”, “Display” and “Screen”? I also want to know the sentence “Glider, 60fps Eink monitor built-in Framework Laptop”, and especially the passive verb “built-in” is correct as English to express the project. What do you think?

My opinion - “monitor” refers to a separate device. Laptops never have internal monitors, if you’re referring to a monitor with a laptop you’re referring to an external monitor.

“Screen” is a little more appropriate but not very definitive, not very technical. A little old-fashioned perhaps. Not specific.

“Display” is the best terminology to use.

Built-in implies the manufacturer installed this as the device was being built, as if it was like this from the factory. Better to use “internal” so that it’s made apparent that this is NOT an external device but it’s inside the laptop. Could also use the word “replacement” since it replaces the factory-installed display.

“Glider, 60fps Eink replacement display”

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Thanks for explaining the words! I learned from you. I updated the section with your suggested ones.

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