Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) SSD Model?

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I am not seeing this anywhere. I was wondering if anyone knew what SSD Framework plans on including for the Framework Laptop 13 - AMD Ryzen 7040 Series - Professional Pre-Built System?

I was also wondering about the speed and timing for the memory in dual-channel mode.

Nobody knows and will not know until full details have been announced. Everything will be on the specs page once it is announced.


This is not conformed, but I would guess it will be the ones currently sold in the marketplace and used in the current 12th gen prebuilts. That will at least give you a good idea of what will be used in the AMD version.

For RAM, there are currently DDR5 RAM kits available on the Marketplace, and the 12th gen prebuilts ship with 1x8gb, 2x8gb and 2x16gb respectively.

Framework may end up releasing new hardware, but since they are currently allowing DIY kits to be sold with what is already on the marketplace, I would assume that the prebuilt systems would include similar components.

So in summary, my guess would be one of the three 1TB NVMe drives sold on the Marketplace (probably whatever is in the 12th gen prebuilt, which is not specified on the website, so maybe someone who bought that config could let us know). My guess on the RAM would be this kit of 32gb (2x16gb) DDR5-5600 sticks.

Hello All,

I agree. Framework would only make sense to use the drives they sell in the marketplace. The info was not mentioned for the Prebuilt. It seems like this is something that can be listed as it is something not proprietary. But I also understand they could still change the drive based on demand for future pre-orders.

I feel like I need to know before I place an order. I am also considering buying a Ryzen Framework 13 and a Framework 16 laptop. I want Framework to succeed and make a difference for right-for-repair and sustainability, and I also love the ideas they are presenting to the market.

Just want to note that they will very likely be releasing this info before the laptops start shipping. At this time you can only put in a fully refundable $100 pre-order, you will be able to get the whole amount back up until they ship it to you, and since they are already past the first batch shipment, there should be customers able to answer your questions even if Framework doesn’t update the webpage.

The other thing is that this is a user forum, so you may also be able to reach out to support right now and see if they can confirm the specs of the RAM and Storage that will be in the prebuilts.

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