RAM / Memory for AMD Ryzen 7040 Series

So I found this:

Looking around it seems that:
Mushkin is 46-45-45

ADATA is 46-45-45

SK Hynix might be CL46?
Couldn’t find much info on the HMCG66AGBSA095N

Samsung is might also be CL46?
But couldn’t find anything official on the timings

So my question is:
Is there any good guide for getting memory that will work with the Framework Laptop 13 AMD Ryzen 7040 Series?

Ideally, I’d like to get, say, (G.Skill) F5-5600S4040A32GX1-RS
But that may not work with the better timings (40-40-40)

This is closer to the verified RAM as best as I can tell:
(G.Skill) F5-5600S4645A32GX1-RS (46-45-45)

That all being said - I know just enough to be very wrong and would appreciate any extra info / help.

I had links to where I found each but the form prevented them from being added (<3 links per post)

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Someone has confirmed the F5-5600S4040A32GX2-RS kit to work (which is the 2x32GB kit version, same 5600 MT/s 40-40-40-89):

IMO it goes like this for compatibility, in order of “100% works”:

  1. Framework’s officially supported memory list you linked.
  2. Anecdotal user reports (mainly in this forum and the Framework subreddit).
  3. Most RAM should just work, and at their standard JEDEC timings. Intel XMP and AMD EXPO timings aren’t supported currently. However, since this is a pretty new platform, keep in mind that there may be issues and incompatibility for a while. Picking completely blind (without 1. and 2.), I’d go for the major brands (also for quality assurance), but most if not all should eventually work as if I’m not mistaken are all either Micron (Crucial), SK Hynix, or Samsung chips.
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Post 555 in the Batch 1 Thread I have Kingston 5600 CL40 without XMP Running and made some test and compared against Rembrandt


Got my laptop in and tested the (G.Skill) F5-5600S4645A32GX1-RS (CL46) and that worked for me.

The pictures of the sticks themselves that I saw on the internet say “PC5-5600B”, so, according to the spec, they are supposed to be 46-45-45.

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Will this work?
Kingston Technology Kingston Fury Impact 32GB (2x16GB) 6000MT/s CL38 DDR5 SODIMM | Intel XMP 3.0 |KF560S38IBK2-32

Theoretically it should work, however I wouldn’t recommend it.

That ram has a JEDEC speed (default speed where it is super stable and low power) of 4800 MT/s CL40. That’s what it will run at if you use it in the Framework Laptop.

The advertised speed (6000 MT/s CL38) is the XMP speed, which is essentially an overclock (raising performance at the cost of higher power consumption and possibly worse reliability) that the manufacturer has tested it to be able to handle without becoming unstable. Framework does not support running ram at XMP speeds.

The fastest ram that can work in the Framework Laptop is anything using the 5600A JEDEC profile (ie. 5600 MT/s CL40), which is mainly a few kits from G.Skill and Kingston.

Edit: Also, some users have reported issues booting with some (not all) ram with a JEDEC speed other than 5600 MT/s. So there could be issues with that.

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I bought 2 sticks of this ram for my Framework and can confirm it works in Windows 11 and is running full speed

Crucial RAM 24GB DDR5 5600MT/s (or 5200MT/s or 4800MT/s) Laptop Memory CT24G56C46S5, Black

I often get close to 32gb with normal usage and I wanted a little extra headroom for the gpu.

Mainboard ➤ P0 CHANNEL A ➤ DIMM 0 (Unknown) 32768 MiB F5-5600S4040A32G
-Memory Socket-
DMI Handles (Array, Socket) : 0x11, 0x12
Locator : Mainboard ➤ P0 CHANNEL A ➤ DIMM 0
Bank Locator : P0 CHANNEL A
Form Factor : SODIMM
Type : DDR5 / Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered)
Vendor : [05cd] (Unknown)
Part Number : F5-5600S4040A32G
Size : 32768 MiB
Rated Speed : 5600 MT/s
Configured Speed : 5600 MT/s
Data Width/Total Width : 64 bits / 64 bits
Rank : 2
Minimum Voltage : 1.1 V
Maximum Voltage : 1.1 V
Configured Voltage : 1.1 V
Mainboard ➤ P0 CHANNEL B ➤ DIMM 0 (Unknown) 32768 MiB F5-5600S4040A32G
-Memory Socket-
DMI Handles (Array, Socket) : 0x11, 0x13
Locator : Mainboard ➤ P0 CHANNEL B ➤ DIMM 0
Bank Locator : P0 CHANNEL B
Form Factor : SODIMM
Type : DDR5 / Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered)
Vendor : [05cd] (Unknown)
Part Number : F5-5600S4040A32G
Size : 32768 MiB
Rated Speed : 5600 MT/s
Configured Speed : 5600 MT/s
Data Width/Total Width : 64 bits / 64 bits

I got my Ryzen 7840U DIY unit last week.

  • WD SN850X 2TB
  • 2x32GB Kingston Fury Impact (KF556S40IBK2-64) → SK Hynix dies
  • Windows 11 Pro

I can confirm that the RAM runs at 5600MT/s and CL40! This kit seems to be one of the fastest available. Highly recommended.

Happy building!

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I can confirm that. I’ve had 2x32GB Kingston Fury Impact in the AMD for weeks now and it works perfectly.

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when shopping for dram what should i be looking for i understand, DDR5-5600 (no xmb) and sodimm but what else besides that. looking for 2x32. when i go to the ram support page im a bit confused about validation. is there a way that i can tell which rams will validate? as well as what does it mean if it partially validates and how would it effect performance? any help would be goated

You got it right. 2x32GB DDR5-5600MT/s SO-DIMM sticks will most likely work straight out the gate (except for some documented Linux cases).
What is important here, is understanding the difference between JEDEC specs and XMP/EXPO profiles. The Framework laptop does not support XMP/EXPO, so if a manufacturer advertises speeds and/or timings with XMP/EXPO profiles, I’d call it a yellow flag. It can work, but it doesn’t necessarily have to work. People reported about some of those sticks defaulting to 4800MT/s. This will cause performance losses that are just unnecessary.
In regards to validation of RAM: There’s no way the Framework team can validate every single stick/kit on the market. I would not think that this is the kind of thing they want to spend a lot of resources on. The way I see it, they transparently validate the sticks/kits you can order in a DYI or pre-built laptop and give you the JEDEC specs if you want to try your own. As far as I’m concerned, the validation status doesn’t matter as long as the RAM works for me in the laptop, which it does.
The community is doing a great job in collecting info on many different configurations and the results. For your 2x32GB config, I guess you could go with the above mentioned Kingston KF556S40IBK2-64 or with the also mentioned G.Skill F5-5600S4040A32GX2-RS. Both kits checked out green at 5600MT/s and CL40 which seems to be the max speed in the Framework 13.

Happy building!

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