Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive - Display

Thank you for taking the time to reply to us on this forum, even if it’s to tell us that you won’t be answering any of our questions for the time being. :slight_smile:


Speaking of matte displays. Can I order 13-inch version with matte display and not the original glossy?

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The framework 13 now comes with matte display for the 13th gen intel and AMD.

I’m starting to look around after my next workstation and I would LOVE to use Framework as I really dig the concept of self repairable laptop.
I’m currently using Dell Precision 7750 with i7-10875H, 128GB RAM and RTX4000 (Turing).
Is FL16 designed to accept 128GB of RAM by any chance? This is my only hard requirement, I can have normie GPU and CPU If they are fast enough.
240W PSU option means there will be enough juice to power fast internals.

Hi! Things looking nice at the 16".
Is there any hope for 4k oled or miniled display?
Is there any chanche for the expansion slot to be a 2nd battery for traveling , and an Pcie X16 slot to connect desktop gpu-s to it?

Diagram from Wikipedia, as diagrams help me…

This panel isn’t a touchscreen, but we have the necessary signals on the connector on the Mainboard to enable one in the future.
This makes me happy! A pain point for me was no option for a touch screen. Now I can seriously think about a purchase in the future

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@ov_Darkness I don’t think so - take a look at the newest deep dive on the RAM and SSDs. 64GB is the max supported, and I feel your pain - it sucks for me too because I need a much more powerful portable laptop for running my machine learning tests than my current Framework 13. I already have 32GB and it’s limiting me a lot more than I thought.

Not in reality. 64GB is currently only the official max. 64GB is also the official max on the Framework-13 (AMD), yet Framework themselves have found that 96GB (2 x 48GB) works. We’ll have to wait until 64GB modules are available for confirmation on them.
Max RAM capacity per SO-DIMM unit beyond 32GB? - #2 by Josh_Cook


There’s an essential issue that I haven’t seen mentioned yet: In the Framework 16 AMD, are the external monitor ports via the iGPU or the dGPU - or both? And which are connected to which? This is essential for people wanting to pass the more powerful GPU (Nvidia) through nicely. So the iGPU would be with the host and dGPU is passed through.

Framework hasn’t released this information yet. I suspect it’ll be announced in the connectors or expansion bay deep dives.


Got progress over in this thread and also this.
I made a dual OCuLink 4i + DisplayPort in card here, and there’s also a OCuLink 8i + DP design. Hopefully able to get a battery charge controller on there to for an optional additional battery (though a dedicated battery design would be able to fit a slightly bigger battery)

In case you haven’t found the answer yet, the internal display can be driven directly by means of the DisplayPort input (and a MUX afaik), the outputs on the laptop itself are sadly only driven by the iGPU. However, the dGPU has a USB-C port on the back with DP-alt Mode support, so you’d have to get an external dongle. I assume you could drive a few displays over that single USB-C port. Sadly no full size DP or HDMI, maybe because of space reasons, idk

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i wish we had glossy display option too , as glossy screens can be easily cleaned and are safe compare to non glossy which are hard to clean with water and exposed.

The glossy screen on my Batch 1 11th gen FW13 was a mirror.
I could not see the screen in many lighting conditions. I added a light matte filter and so much more usable, for me.


Same as you, I also added a light matte screen protector.

I particular like the glossy screen OOTB…because that means I can choose the type of matte finishes to go on top. (as oppose to a factory decided matte finish)

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So in the end, the screen is HDR capable?

When will the framework 13 get a similar spec display - 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, 500nit brightness, etc?

This is the new display we have announced for Framework Laptop 13.

Yes, 100% sRGB is less colors than 100% P3. So the new display you just announced is still less than the fw16 display that was announced ages ago. It probably would have been more worthwhile to wait to release a new display until was at least the same specs.