Framework Laptop 16 Wifi interference from DDR and GPU clocks


I recently saw the following patch to the Linux kernel.
I believe it is a AMD problem with some AMD laptop motherboards.
Is the Framework Laptop 16 affected by this?
I think the idea is that it will change the speed of the GPU depending on which wifi channel is being used, so they don’t interfere with each other.

DOC: wbrf (int)
Enable Wifi RFI interference mitigation feature.
Due to electrical and mechanical constraints there may be likely interference of
relatively high-powered harmonics of the (G-)DDR memory clocks with local radio
module frequency bands used by Wifi 6/6e/7. To mitigate the possible RFI interference,
with this feature enabled, PMFW will use either “shadowed P-State” or “P-State” based
on active list of frequencies in-use (to be avoided) as part of initial setting or
P-state transition. However, there may be potential performance impact with this
feature enabled.
(0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, -1 = auto (default setting, will be enabled if supported))

Does the FW16 access Wifi6/6e/7 ? I assume it will use the same Wifi card as the FW13 AMD which is currently shipping. Will that unit access these wifi bands?

The wifi card is user replaceable so it’ll access whatever bands the card supports, probably comes with the same rebranded mediatek 6e one the 13 comes with which can and does access 6GHz bands if told to do so.

Though in our cases the interference from the 5600 SODIMMs more likely reaches into the middle of the 5ghz bands instead of the 6ghz ones. If you had lpddr5 6000+ then you might touch the 6GHz ones and on systems like that you are also likely to have a soldered wifi chipset that may be in a somewhat inconvenient position so i am not sure the problem applies all that much here.