Framework Laptop Alternative Screens

Look at this:

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thoughts on this replacement screen

This Acer Digitizer works with two separate I2C Interfaces (which is the 8 pin header) for finger touch and stylus touch. Does somebody know how to connect such to the mainboard or via external connector?

If you want to post the part number for that display, I can look into the datasheet.

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Well, the display itself connects straight forward. Its the one from acer spin 7 - and it seems like it is the same as frameworks own.

The Touch Screen Controller, that is the part I am curious about.
There is some “part number” on that… H133820-S-1330-V0 I did some googling, bit did not find any result to these… Could be Acer’s own/internal. Acer Spin 7 Connection Sheet says it is connected via two separate I2C Connectors - one for stylus input and one for finger touch. So they just have to be connected to the board somehow…

funny enough - I also cracked my first panel :eyes: I’ll buy a glass cutter to retrofit the next one in the original case…

im looking at using a dell xps 13 oled screen. the oled is from a 9310.
would this screen be compatible?

Seems like that would be 16:10, so it wouldnt be as tall as the framework panel even if you can get it to interface correctly

Framework 16 is 16:10


Seems they’re looking at a 13" class panel though, as its a 9310.


this guy managed to get it interfaced to an ipad 7:

I am about to get a Framework Laptop 13, and looking for some OLED display replacement.
This one seems great, OLED, 13.3 inch, 3:2 ratio, 3000x2000, eDP 40pin.
Is there anyone had tried this?

The samsung oleds use a different pinout on the same connector (and uses 1.8v io instead of the normal 3.3v for some pins and very different supply voltage), I would be very careful.

Sauce: blew up my t480s mainboard plugging a different samsung oled into it before checking the pinout because I was so used by everyone using the de-facto standard (managed to mostly “repair” the mainboard but still not a good idea).

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since framework started selling the edp cable by itself, I jumped back into the idea of homebrewing my own smaller framework

what does everyone think about

  • this 4k 11.6 display from BOE, panelook link, in short its 40 pin non touch edp, edp 1.4 but its 4 lane, far as I know both the framework 13 motherboard and cable are 4 lane compatible

  • this 2k 10.1 display from Panasonic, panelook link, its a 40 pin edp, uses 2 lanes BUT its edp 1.3, which Im not sure if its compatible with edp 1.4 on the motherboard

I might buy the datasheets for both but I dont know if it would be worth the cash to put in the effort, would these have a similar pinout to the default 13.3" display? would it be worth even looking into?

So was just doing a little digging on this and can’t find the exact panel mentioned (The ANTA35VJ01) But I can find the ANTA33TP11, the pinout is for sure different - but the voltages are the same - 3.3v. So it’s not a lost cause if you wanted to make an adapter board that connected up the wiring properly.

(for anyone looking for panel info, if you register for Panelook then verify your ‘business email’ you get point to buy manuals. You can just use a temp email service and change your email each time you need points.)

edit: actually saying that, there are a few pins which don’t have obviously corresponding ones, but might be possible with some digging. (e.g. 'VBAT: Power for EL PMIC… it might be backlight power, as it’s otherwise missing… but all a bit of a risk without knowing)

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Google returns 0 results for that one.

Would not bet on it, all the samsung oled datasheets I have been able to dig up had 1.8v io pins, still 3.3v for logic supply power but the io is 1.8. Level shifters are a thing so that’s not a huge issue, especially if you compare it to the power supply but it is a thing.

Making an adapter board is well withing the realm of doable but it would have to be done. Compared to the dc-dc converters you’d need for the power a couple level shifters aren’t a big deal. And it’s not like you are particularly space limited as long as you keep your board thin enough, oled panels are so much thinner than lcds you can just put that stuff behind the panel on a retrofit.

But as long as there isn’t a good oled that actually fits the 13 I have put that project onto ice.

Ah right, it was the logic power I was looking at. I don’t really know what I’m looking at on the data sheets unless it’s fairly obvious. Here is an image comparing the FW BOE panel to the Samsung OLED, not sure if it adds any new info:


Well at least in the case of the samsung datasheet the limits and stuff were kinda confused, they had limits for voltage rails that didn’t exist on the pin-out and missing limits for other stuff. Important part is that some of the signals on the pin-out are explicitly marked 1.8v where they are normally 3.3, the enable signal for example.

But anyway, that is the easier bit, level shifters are a thing. And the available panels are too big anyway XD.

Pinout on this one doesn’t list 1.8v - but I’m not trying to dispute anything, and recognise what you are saying about panel sizing being the hurdle in any case!


It sure doesn’t, the only relevant pin here is BIST_en and it’s explicitly 3.3v, the rest of the 1.8v pins it has on mine are entirely missing here, hell this whole pin-out is different.