Framework Laptop Alternative Screens

Well it’s just a random screen I found on Panelook… so not much use anyway as it’s the wrong ratio and as such wrong size. Shame Samsung seems to just use whatever pinout they fancy!

What about the ATNA33AA series from Samsung… on Panelook but can’t find a data sheet for them but they are the right ratio but a smidge smaller - 13.3 as opposed to 13.5.

(Just realised it’s likely similar to the HP Spectre screen) I’ve asked a few suppliers on AliBaba for the data sheet… we shall see!

I can’t see the dimensions so that’s a maybe.

Also 60hz is kind of a bummer, the 90hz vrr capable 2k oled in the thinkpad is really pretty much exactly what I want, appart from the triangular subpixels but I can probably live with that.

Just to add to the list, this 7 inch display for the LattePanda Sigma matches the output from the stock Framework eDP cable (i.e. after they get rearranged inside the cable). Obviously won’t fit in the stock chassis, but for people working with mainboard builds, might be useful!

(feel free to check my work: Framework display pinout v. LattePanda Sigma 7inch pinout)


Sounds great for building a FrameDeck. :smiley:



I now have the LattePanda display in hand, and was wrong about the pinouts matching up. Hilariously, (1) the display-side connector of the stock Framework eDP cable (i.e. output) matches the board-side connector of the LattePanda Sigma (i.e. also output), and (2) the board-side connector of the LattePanda eDP cable (i.e. input) matches the display-side connector on the stock Framework display (i.e. also input). This means that I can connect the Framework mainboard to the LattePanda Sigma or the stock Framework display to the LattePanda Display, neither of which are particularly useful configurations.

All that said, you can still get the ‘Framework mainboard into LattePanda display’ configuration to work as follows:

Framework Mainboard → Framework eDP cable → first IPEX 20455-040E → second IPEX 20455-040E → LattePanda eDP cable → LattePanda display

Note that chaining together the first and second IPEX connectors requires a custom PCB. Will try to design one this week!


I’m sorry to revive this thread. A better, more responsive solution has already been found? I see that all of you are trying to get an OLED, which is nice. But I would be good with a decent responsive ups, 90hz would be even cooler.

Has this:

Any chance?

I too would like to simply get a higher refresh rate (90Hz would suffice), keeping all other parameters the same as the current matte display.

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Hey all, I went down a rabbit hole into looking for an alternative screen for my framework 13 as I find the laptop screen currently is not bright enough for my use. The bad news is that given the unusual dimensions used, there are not that many options

Based on the OP in this thread, the problem I see is this:

  1. You need to use a 40-pin, 4-lane connector type, which narrows the option (that is not BOE, ie framework’s current panels) to 1
  2. I’m not sure how compatible 50-pin is, I’m not good enough at this to figure it out. If somehow this is compatible, we can theoretically use this too.
  3. You need to fit the dimensions, and one thing that affects this is the slim / bent / etc connector

So, from this, you can see that if we were to stick to the same dimensions, we really only have one alternative option. To have more options that fit, we need to go down sizes to maybe 13.3 or lower. At this point lower size point, there are some LCD and OLED options but this will take some additional wrangling.

I’m thinking of reaching out to the supplier of the one alternative. I do see MOQs listed (usually 20) but I’ll try anyway.

Which alternative are you referring to? This?

This is likely the only option:

The one you indicated has 50 pins

Ah my bad. Do let us know how you get on.

I’m only aware of one person using an entirely different panel via a 30 to 40 eDP adapter: 40pin eDP (Framework/4Lane) to 30pin eDP(2 lane) - #8 by Dylan_Evans

Personally I’m interested in a higher ppi density panel. Perhaps something could be wrangled with that 50 pin panel.

Thanks for the link - I’m pretty used to tinkering with PCs but fairly noob-y when it comes to laptop connectors and hardware, so really not sure whether to go that far.

I like dark mode and the glossy screen but this is really problematic when there is outside light, so hopefully this screen works.

Will report back once i have the parts and get to try. To the framework team, I couldn’t find spare eDP connectors for Framework 13 on your marketpalce. Could you please make some available?