Framework Laptop Alternative Screens

Yes, if you find a suitable replacement. The connector and cable should support much higher resolutions.

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This looks really promising! There is a chance that the eDP isn’t compatible since it isn’t standardized though! If someone tested it that would be really great!

P.S Might be cheaper getting a used model of this chromebook?

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I’m chatting with the seller right now to try to confirm this before pulling the trigger. Since the Framework’s BOE NE135FBM-N41 is eDP 1.4, that means the mainboard’s connector is backwards compatible with eDP <= 1.4 right?

P.S Might be cheaper getting a used model of this chromebook?

Oh definitely. My partner uses this chromebook actually, and I only just realized it was so similar. I like chromebooks, but they’re not ideal for my needs. I’m just on a quest to get a touchscreen on my framework :slight_smile:

Edit: After doing some digging, I’m thinking the Spin 713 is using the same exact NE135FBM-N41 panel, with a N19Q5 (or N18Q2?) digitizer panel. Starting to think this might work…

MB I think I wrote it a bit off, I meant as in taking a used version of it and removing the screen!

This seems really promising!!!

Something I picked up looking at screen-as-monitor projects, the mainboard-side eDP plug is custom, but the screen side is standard. So keep the stock Framework display cable in the case!

Different screen in Framework laptop → Framework cable
Framework screen in different use → Standard cable

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Oh that’s really good to know! Thanks

Ah okay that makes sense! It might be tricky to cleanly remove the LCD+digitizer assembly from the bezel though. Once I hear back from the assembly seller again I’ll go for it and report back if it works :slight_smile:

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Since you have a panel number.
Have a look on Aliexpress, you might find it cheaper on there.
Just make sure you get one with the same locations for mounting tabs and where the eDP connector is.

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It should work as long as the touchscreen is either i2c or USB


@Eric_Putney turned out to be correct, the Acer Spin 713 fits the frame perfectly and the eDP is compatible. I ran into problems with removing the panel from the digitizer and cracked the first panel. The OLED panel is VERY sensitive to any bending and they’ve sealed it firmly to compensate. As such I’ve gotten another panel to attempt removal but I’m also going to upgrade the back plate to the CNC version to minimize flex. I had booted into OS and confirmed resolution working with prior just have an initial post screen shot here.


That’s amazing! So happy it turned out to work! I’d love to see some pictures of the display :0
Is the touchscreen working?

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Yooo that is so cool. Thank you so much for trying this, and for the tip about the fragile screen.

One potential issue is even if we get the panel+digitizer out of the Flip’s bezel assembly, I’m not sure how to securely mount it to the framework top lid. Framework uses these little aluminum strips that screw onto the lid and get taped onto the back of the display assembly, and they don’t sell them separately or provide their dimensions (I asked :frowning: )

Also yeah is the touchscreen actually working?? That would be so cool

@Shiroudan Sadly, the digitizer overly won’t fit in the framework as it’s too large. It also uses a small control board with a 8 pin ribbon connection. I assume it may be a USB HID device but don’t know how the pinout equates. If someone wants to see about retrofiting the digitier into the replaceable bezel, I’d be happy to send it to them!

@Eric_Putney Gladly! Love me some OLED and everyone did so much work in looking into it, figured I’d give it a try. The strips are actually really nice. Framework put some good dual sided adhesive strips on there but left pull tabs, you can just pull them off and free them from the original panel.

Plan is to remove the framework adhesive (shame as it’s really nice) and remove the strips. At that point the aluminum mount brackets will be free floating. screw the brackets back into the bezel and attach the new double sided tape. Finally seat new monitor into the space and secure to the tape. Then will detach monitor and attach eDP port. The double sided tape will hole (tried on original panel already) without issue.

If I remember will measure dimensions but they are crazy thin. They are not 3dprintable but someone with some skill could bend a CNC part.


Heh yeah I was worried about this, they looked extremely thin in the pictures. My maker skills stop at very basic 3d printing :P. It’d be nice to have some extras so I wouldn’t have to remove them from my old panel if I wanted to switch back and forth, but :person_shrugging:

Ah such a shame. Maybe someone with a lot of time on their hands could give that a try, but it seems like a long shot. Well, I could always tape the full digitizer assembly to the back of the lid, and make it a Frankensteined 2-in-1 :joy:

I’m sure I could help with making the touchscreen work if it’s just a i2c or HID digitizer. If there is an exposed board send some good quality photos of either side so I can reverse engineer it.

The Spin 3 chromebook screen is an IPS not OLED, and it’s contrast is pretty low. Similar brightness so likely almost same panel as ours. I’m sure the allure is to make the digitizer work for touch, but just the panel itself is not as good as what’s already in the Framework. We need the USB connection and a new lid for it to become touch correct?

@Christopher_Brown Ohhhh… Looking up part number yeah… Not sure how I missed that, but yeah, definitely not OLED. So gonna return this one and sulk back to the drawing board. Thank you for catching that (just in time)!

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Here’s the 3 panels which should be a drop in replacement. First one is what Framework come with, available in glossy or matte. 2nd one is brighter less contrast. Third one is similar to 1st but only matte. Panel Compare

There is this 13.4" 3840×2400 part # LQ134R1JX41 which is 3mm wider and 10mm shorter. Just not sure there’s enough room on the width to cut it out bigger and fit in the lid.

There is also a 13.0" 3000x2000 screen that would be a bit smaller, larger bezel but more resolution and a scaling of 200% would be ideal for me. LP130QP1-SPA1

Or a 13.3" that is also 3000x2000 and might fit better P130ZZA-BZ1

All of these should work with some lid/bezel mods.

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I don’t think that larger will fit at without significant modification. The width may be doable by removing the magnets on the side but the height won’t work at all without removing the switches etc up top and even then would probably be too tight.

The smaller may work without too much modification, just need to center them on the aluminum bracers and may have some margins showing? Not sure from measuring but could just use electrical tape to cover the gap… Can see the benefit of the higher res with scaling.

For me though, all the panels linked all look like TFT displays. I’m still trying to find a nice OLED panel and am trying to find what’s in the HP Envy x360 before getting a screen replacement to try out…

I’d have an interest in finding compatibility with some smaller screens, sub 12 inch, like maybe 10.1 inches for making a DIY smaller version of the Framework. You’d be restricted by the width of the motherboard and battery, but still cuts a good 5-6cm off the width. If just using the eDP connection this could be possible and no need for USB cables.

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