Framework laptop appreciation post

I’ve just had a few days with my DIY Edition i7-1165G7 version, and wow this is an amazing machine. Easily the best laptop I’ve ever owned, it’s just so thoughtfully designed. Just typing this post on the keyboard feels great, it’s very tactile. I’m running vanilla arch on it, and the only hiccup I’ve run into is the Bluetooth warm-reboot bug, but this will be fixed in time and is not a major inconvenience. I don’t think I’ve run into the clock rate limit bug yet, but I’ll watch out for it.

The only thing I’d consider upgrading in the near-ish future is the display. The current one is amazingly clear and looks great, but I’m very spoiled with high refresh rates on my desktop displays. Also, I’m still habitually trying to use it as a touchscreen after coming from my old Chromebook. So if there’s a touchscreen 120-144 Hz panel with the same resolution in the works, I’d be extremely interested.

Thanks to the framework team for the hard work, and for shipping an industry-changing product! :grin: