Thank you Framework!

I got my Ryzen 7 Framework 13 today. Setting it up was a breeze, it looks great, and it runs beautifully. I played Baldur’s Gate 3 on it all night, and it works smoothly and relatively quietly. Love the keyboard too, much better than what I was using before.

A lot of the topics in here are bug reports and help questions, and I know how demoralizing that can be, so I wanted to just put a bit of positivity in here by saying a big thank you for making such a kickass laptop. Thanks! I’m looking forward to coding and gaming on it for many years to come!


Thank you for all the time and energy you spent making this !

Agreed. After decades of PC work (starting with 64K 8088), the Framework 13 AMD is the best laptop I’ve owned. Macbook quality running in an open, un-walled garden garden of Finnish delights. And while on it, Thanks to Linus and his world wide developers. Such beautiful work.

Yes, thank you Framework for focusing on the consumer experience. To be honest, I didn’t use my Framework 13 for months. It’s the DIY edition and I put Kubuntu on it, but I rarely use Linux at home. I decided to put Windows 11 on it thinking I’d give it to my niece, but when she bought a new laptop I decided to use it myself and found it was so much more usable than the Dell laptop I had been using. Since then I’ve upgraded the hinges, top cover, speakers, battery and display. The instructions on the website and the design of the laptop made the upgrades very easy. You’ve made an excellent product and I’m enjoying it very much! Can’t wait to get my Framework 16…

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