Framework Laptop: in-person/ hands-on in London?

I was happy to find the Framework Laptop on display as part of an exhibition on sustainability at the Design Museum in London ( link ).

Unfortunately it was beneath glass, so only could admire from a distance.

I was wondering whether anyone else in the community, would know where else I could find the Framework Laptop on display, or where I could get a ‘hands-on’ with the device in London?

I’m not in London so I can’t answer your question directly, but I can definitely say it has the proportions and touchpad feel of a Surface Laptop but the keyboard and chassis flex of a high-end Dell Inspiron. Those two should be in display stores everywhere.

I’d also say the LG Gram is a close feel in terms of heft, flex and keyboard, if those are on display at your local tech shop.

It really is just another laptop. Taking it apart is the fun part though, can’t help you there.

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If you or someone organizes a meet up event in London by or somewhere, I suppose some Framework Laptop users will gather with their Framework Laptop, and future Framework users can try it there.

In Fairphone, there are some regional community events. So why not in Framework?