Additional versions of the FrameWork laptop

I just want to bring up the idea for other versions of a framework laptop.
I wouldnt mind the company creating more powerful versions of this laptop even if they have to be thicker or heavier. It would be nice to have an option for a gaming FrameWork laptop for example; You know, being able to choose from different version of a modular laptop like the first one! Maybe a tablet or a phone too.

If you are in Europe you are in luck! The Fairphone exists for you and is a modular and repairable phone. If you are in the US, well uh, join the club…

As for dGPU options, you definitely aren’t alone, plenty of threads discussing the exact same thing. No timeline or even mention of it happening tho, I imagine Framework will announce if and when they feel ready to do so.

I’m sure (all going well) there are plans to offer a range of models to suit different use cases hopefully all using the same mainboard!

Fairphone 4 ditched the headphone jack but it seems they have made their non modular non repairable BT headphones free with a FF3/4 purchases likely from the negative feedback they had.

An alternative I recently heard about is the SHIFT6mq, more expensive but better specs and headphone jack. It is also supported by Lineage OS.

I really hope Framework grows bigger than laptops, or at least the idea behind it.

I’m hoping for a future where I could just upgrade my current car with a newer and more efficient engine, and not having to buy a new one, I do 10 km a day in a 1998 VW Polo, I don’t really care about tech or comfort, but I would happily pay for a factory refurbish and newer engine or electric version of it, while keeping the car as simple as it is.

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I don’t recall where the quote is but Framework has stated they are looking into other product categories but they did confirm it wasn’t printers no other details were given

Hey guys,

I know about the fairphone but I simply meant that it would be great for a company such as Frame.Work to not only produce different models of laptops but apply their customer centric philosophy to other gadgets like phones and tablets.
As for the other laptop options, I think they can definitely make gaming laptops, performance laptops for developers, graphic designers, video editors and so on. I know the current versions are capable of handling a lot already, maybe even more with the new Intel 12th gen processors, but again, I wouldn’t mind a thicker or larger laptop if that means that it will include a fixed Ethernet port instead of an expansion card, keep the audio jack(please don’t remove it Frame.Work), a touchscreen, larger screen, full size keyboard, and that is all I can think about right now. I do audio recording and editing and on the laptop and having a full size keyboard and larger screen would be the reason for me to upgrade. YES!, I know I can buy a numeric key pad or portable wireless keyboards but the whole point of carrying a laptop is to avoid carrying all those extra gadgets in the backpack.
Trust me, if they ever release a laptop with all those things, I would upgrade, day one!