Framework Shutdown Takes Minutes

Shutting down, restarting, even exiting and saving BIOS settings get stuck for several minutes with the screen off, fans on high, and power button LED on.

Restarts do not work, but this sequence always eventually ends - the power button LED turns off, and the fans shut down. I figure this is something to do with the laptop trying to reach a certain temperature before shutting down. Any way to fix this? I want to get restarts working and shutting down quick.

This happens from Windows, Linux, and from BIOS resets after saving. I don’t think it is a Windows fast startup issue. I do have quick boot enabled in the BIOS as well. Does anyone know a way I could potentially debug this? It happens after Windows and Linux have already shut down so I can look at logs for it.

You meant you can’t look at logs for it.
When did you receive your unit? How did you config your dual boot?
I think there were a few BIOS updates addressing some sleep issues.

This is very weird. Can you try pressing the power button inside BIOS setting menu?

I’ve noticed a similar issue with restarts not working. Someone else reported something similar when they used a dock (USB-C DisplayLink Dock Prevents Shutdown and Post), and I also have a dock. Do you have a dock by any chance?

For transparency: I ended up returning the machine due to this issue, so no further debugging can be done on my end. For transparency I’ll address the comments I can so others who might have similar issues have ample information.

I received it in early January 2022. The issues presented itself immediately, after the Windows installation media finished, it failed to restart and I had to wait several minutes for the machine to power off so I could start the machine into Windows proper. I immediately installed all the drivers via their instructions and driver bundles, let windows install all it’s updates too. The dual boot was the default partitions from Fedora 35.

Wish I could, but I was having this issue from resetting after saving the BIOS, so it’s unlikely to be a different result.

No dock was used personally, but I heard there were some issues with HDMI expansion cards so for posterity I tried removing all the expansion cards and found the same issue from the BIOS, Windows, and Fedora.

Thanks for the responses and help, and I hope this issue was a hardware fluke and no one else has the same one!

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It doesn’t matter.

Do You Think It Is Related To The SSD?

It could be because you are configuring dual boot un-cleanly the BIOS is taking a long time trying to analyze the boot sector and/or communicate with the disk.

It does matter, but only to the operating system. The BIOS don’t give a dang about it. It just report whatever to the system, that’s all.
If he is struggling to shutdown in BIOS, that’s something else.